Dry Spell, 2020
blood garnets, rubies, silver

Nocturnal, 2019
years, chain, silver

Depths, 2019
claws, silver
I can sleep now., 2020
ash, silver

What's Left, 2020
unsalvageable pearls, silver
Open Space, 2019
“inhibiting materials,” silver


This series of rings are a culmination of unforgotten failures. These piles of discarded components that I allowed to fester will never fulfill their intended purpose, hopes, or dreams. Rather than feeling guilty for the projects I abandoned, I embraced my obsession with these small growing piles of silver, pearls, wood, and precious stones and exposed them with all of their brilliance and faults. With a personal history that will never be completely remembered, these rings showcase their scars in an attempt to be forgiven.